Boys' Brigade

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The 5th East Kilbride Boys' Brigade Company meet in the church halls on Thursday evenings from September - June and our sections are are follows-


Anchor Boys (P1-P3 ) meet on Thurday evenings 6.30pm-7.30pm

Junior Section (P4-P6) meet on Thurday evenings 6.30pm-8.30pm

Company Section (P7-S3) meet on Thursdays 7.30pm-9.30pm

Senior Section (S4-S6) meet on Thursdays 7.30pm-9.30pm

Contact: Bill Fleming 07836 632 704



Boys' Brigade Display and Prize Giving 2019

BB Company Section Boys Climb Conic Hill


BB Anchor Boys and Junior Section Swimming Success


Company Section Host A Porridge Party

The World Porridge Day Team of the charity Mary’s Meals have written to our Company thanking all who helped raise £531.36 in support of the work of Mary's Meals. 

The reason for the Porridge Party is that the Mary’s Meals Schools Feeding Programme in places like Malawi, Liberia and Zambia supplies some of the poorest children in the world with a daily mug of porridge. Your donation goes to further the work of Mary's Meals.



Church Retiral Offering Raises £197 for Mary's Meals

Our Boys’ Brigade Company collected £197 from the retiral offering at this morning’s church service. This money will go to the work of Mary’s Meals. The boys aim to raise £750 for Mary’s Meals and they thank all who are helping them reach their target.




The Queen's Badge - Highest Honour in the Boys' Brigade Organisation

  • Jamie Taggart 2015

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

 Gold Award

  • Fraser Anderson 2007
  • Jamie Taggart 2016

Silver Award

  • Gordon Anderson 2004
  • Fraser Anderson 2004
  • Ryan Short 2004
  • Colin Thomson 2004
  • Craig Thomson 2009
  • Alastair Clark 2009
  • Jason Spence 2010
  • Ryan Fennessey 2012
  • Darren Hutton 2012
  • Jamie Taggart 2014
  • Stephen Thompson 2015
  • Stuart Forrester 2017
  • Logan McCulloch 2017
  • Drew Tipping 2017

Bronze Award

  • Gordon Anderson 2003
  • Fraser Anderson 2003
  • Ryan Short 2003
  • Colin Thomson 2003
  • Craig Coupar 2005
  • Graeme Thomson 2005
  • Craig Thomson 2005
  • Christopher Walter 2005
  • Alistair Clark 2005
  • Calum McLaughlin 2008
  • Bradley Revell 2010
  • Scott Robertson 2010
  • Jamie Oo 2011
  • Lewis McCallum 2012
  • Jamie Taggart 2013
  • Stephen Thompson 2013
  • Kerr Gildie 2014
  • Greg Kelly 2014
  • Gordon Shields 2014
  • Stuart Forrester 2015
  • Gregg Fowley 2015
  • Logan McCulloch 2015
  • Lee Oo 2015
  • Drew Tipping 2016
  • Reece Robertson 2017


Captains of the 5th East Kilbride Boy's Brigade Company

  • George Johnstone 1960-1967
  • Alistair Paterson 1967-1970
  • George Johnstone 1970-1971
  • Alistair McKillop 1971-1974
  • Andrew Dunn 1974-1988
  • Mark Hillhouse 1988-1990
  • Robert Dawson 1990-1995
  • Adelaide Thomson 1995-1998
  • Duncan Masson 1998-2004
  • Allan Thomson 2004-2011
  • Richard Hall-2011-2018
  • Allan Thomson 2018-2019



History of the 5th East Kilbride Boys' Brigade Company 


The 5th East Kilbride Boys' Brigade Company has four sections: Anchors Boys, Junior Section ,Company Section and Senior Section and as our logo states… the adventure begins here!


We meet every Thursday night from September to May in the West Kirk halls and we have been in existence since October 1960 when George Johnston, who was an elder in the West Kirk , formed the 5th East Kilbride Boys' Brigade Company. That same year "The Life Boys" (now known as the Boys' Brigade Junior Section) which catered for 8-10 year old boys was started by another church elder, Bill Boyle. Younger boys of 6 and 7 years at that time could join the "Shipmates"and this part of the organisation was run by Agnes Thomson and Ida Boyle. Nowadays the "Shipmates"are better known as The Anchor Boys.

The Boys' Brigade itself was formed on 4th October 1883 in Glasgow by William Alexander Smith. He was a Sunday school teacher who wondered "how to keep boys from causing havoc within Sunday school" . So he invited the boys to attend a parade night in the North Woodside Mission Hall in the Queens Cross area of Glasgow and the 1st Glasgow Company of the Boys' Brigade had started. All the companies in East Kilbride are part of Glasgow Battalion.