Prayer Meetings

Our next Prayer Meeting will be held on Sunday 23rd April at 12.30pm in the Old Session Room in the church and will be led by Anne and David.

Thank you Jennifer and Karen for leading our previous meeting.

Here are the prayers we listened to -

Let Us Pray

Father in Heaven, you have told us where two or more gather together in your name you are there also. We ask Father that your Holy Spirit be with us this afternoon guiding us in mind, body and soul as we come to you in prayer. We open our hearts to you and ask Lord that you hear us. We pray for our Minister, our Kirk Session and our Congregation. We pray that your Holy Spirit will provide us with unity and direction as we strive to grow your church and serve your people. We pray Lord for the right attitude and ask that you energise our faith so that we are able to do your will in a way that pleases you and brings glory to you. We ask these things in our Lord and Saviour’s name Jesus Christ,


Bible Readings - Matthew ch 18:4
Jesus says, “ And I tell you more; whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done by my father in Heaven”

Acts ch 1:14
“They (talking about the disciples) gathered frequently to pray as a group together with the women, and with Mary the mother of Jesus and with his brothers”

Loving Father in Heaven, we ask for your guidance and wisdom in helping us to recognise the importance of prayer.
As we seek to explore what needs to be done in the life of our church, help us to look beyond where we are now and look positively to the future together.
We pray for new ideas to build community life in our church and we pray that everyone’s contributions are welcomed.
Lord, let us connect with one another as we take time to reflect in communal prayer………

Thank you Father that we can come to you with these prayers knowing that you are a God who listens , >

Loving Father in Heaven, may your goodness and love be present amongst us today, as we pray for unity.

Lord we pray that our relationships grow with Christ in the centre of everything we do. We reflect on the love and grace of Jesus as we serve him together and know the er belong in his church and are part of God’s family.

We pray for energy and enthusiasm as we work together in your guidance Lord, knowing that each of us has a part to play. We pray that you use our strengths to serve you Lord but also consider our weaknesses as wee seek your will.

Let us support and nurture one another in order to grow. We pray for the ability to build each other up. May we recognise those amongst us who are lonely, facing illness and coping with stress and challenges within family life and work. May we never fail to listen Lord, or resist your calling through the words of others. Give us patience with one another and the strength of your love. Bind us together and stir us into faithful action so that our choices will be for the greater good.

We seek your wisdom and guidance Lord as we take time to reflect and continue in our prayers together………..

Thank you Father for this time of prayer in unity. May we ask that you continue to bind us together in love,

Father, as our prayer meeting draws to an end we pray the the life saving truth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ may become known to those outside our church walls and ask that you energise our faith through your Holy Spirit so that we can be a church that serves others and brings glory to you. We ask that your Holy Spirit continues to be with us as we go from here today strengthening us in our faith and our journey to follow your will for us. We pray all these things in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit Be with us all now and forever,